Share a childhood memory

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Photos by Margaret Holland

Can you help our project by sharing your childhood memories exploring the outdoors. We want to use the memories to bring the East Cleveland Landscape to life for today’s generation of children. There are lots of ways you can help with the project.

Volunteer to be interviewed

If you would be willing to be interviewed by our volunteers about your childhood memories and wildlife experiences growing up in East Cleveland please get in touch. Interviews are friendly and informal and can be at a place best suited to you.

Old Photos and other materials

We would love it if you could share photos of outdoor childhoods in the 1940’s, to 1970’s exploring the countryside. Photos help evoke memories and illustrate to children what life was like back then. Do you have photos of fishing, keeping a wild animal as a pet, playing on the beach or in the woods, hunting, berry picking etc. We are also interested in other keepsakes such as feather albums, pressed flower books, rosehip certificates or other keepsakes that we could photograph and use for the project.

Please contact Kate 01287 636382 (Tuesday to Thursday).

Written accounts

We have prepared simple memory books to help with you record your memories. Download the files here [coming soon]. Either complete the booklet electronically and email it to or complete it  by hand and send to the address on the booklet. It is important that we have the year of your birth so we can place your childhood experiences in the right timeframe.

Those who would just rather write their own account of their outdoor childhood experiences we would still love to hear from you.

Reminiscence sessions

If you have a group of older residents that might enjoy a session reminiscing on past outdoor childhoods we may be able to join you with our hamper of props to help prompt memories of activities, people and places.

Intergenerational sharing

Are you a school or a children’s organisation that would be interested in sharing memories of wildlife with the older generation please get I touch and we can help the kids become interviewers or share memories using our wildlife hampers.