Welcome to the Where The Wild Things Were project

red squirrelwater vole

Photos by Margaret Holland

This two year project has  explored through people’s memories, how the nature of outdoor childhoods has changed and how wildlife distribution in East Cleveland has evolved.

People from across East Cleveland were asked to help us create a lasting digital archive of memories of free roaming childhoods, early connection to nature and recollections of wildlife. By gathering this information we were able to help  fill in gaps in our knowledge, help focus our future wildlife survey efforts and bring the landscape to life for today’s generation of children.  To do this we received help from lots of volunteers to collect and record this information.

Selected recording extracts, and written summaries have been  uploaded to the website so you can experience the different memories and discover how childhoods, wildlife and the landscape have changed.

We also want to encourage a new generation of wildlife observers and recorders so enter a wildlife record today!

For more information contact Kate Bartram 01287 636382 email: [email protected] Please note Kate is only available Tuesdays to Thursdays.

This project was supported by National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and Northumbrian Water.