Marske cubs interview their grandparents March 2018

Posted on 30th March 2018

After the beavers it was the turn of the two cub packs to interview their grandparents about their childhoods.  Very lively discussions developed a wide range of subjects including playing outside, what grandparents got into trouble for, what they had for dinner and and favorite places to play.  Some grandparents came especially prepared with photos from their childhood which the cubs really enjoyed.

The cubs favorite stories were about making go karts, swimming without you mam knowing, doing jobs at home, adults being able to clip naughty children, catapults, making kites, playing out till late at night, newts, making fires, there were only 2 tv channels and potato picking.

Thank you to the cub leaders for hosting us and to all the cubs and grandparents that took part.marske cubs post its