Skelton Memory Walk 15th March

Posted on 16th March 2018

On a bright but cold day we met at Skelton library to begin our memory walk. We were very fortunate to be joined by Peter Appleton a local historian who kindly shared his knowledge of the local history. After visiting the new orchard garden we climbed the hill to get a view of the surrounding countryside and the site of the former ironstone mine. We listened to memories of how the mine sites were great playgrounds once they closed in the 1950’s and the challenge of exploring the  shafts.   Skelton is dominated by the castle and we listened to memories of children being fined by the estate for chopping down trees.  At the top of the hill we explored memories of potato picking week and riding to the fields in the back of a horse drawn cart. Walking through the allotments we learnt how allotment sheds were used to stage productions and the thrill of a hot potato from an allotment stove.  Our route took us through Boroughgate the site of a planned archaeological dig and Peter provided some background to the site and the archaeological investigations to date.  We dropped down to the Skelton Old Church past the very active and noisy rookery and listened to tales of rook shoots and collecting fallen chicks to keep as pets. After a guided tour of the Church we wandered back into Skelton for a great cup of coffee.  Photos by Margeret Perkins.P1120973 P1120990P1130031